Friday, November 21, 2008


wyatt and monroe started preschool this week. they are loving it. it is so fun to pick them up from school and hear their little stories of how their day was. they have made some new friends however they can not remember their names. wyatt has decided to call his schoolmates dude. it is bitter sweet sending your kids off for part of the day without you. i feel like i am missing a

little chunk of their lives.

Pumpkin Patch

i think this year we have started a new tradition. the mendiola's introduced us to bishops pumpkin patch. we all had a blast. the kids loved the hay ride to the patch. they also had fun mining for marbles and jumping on the hay covered tramp. we will definantly be back next year.

more peas please

wyatt was eating dinner one night and said look i made an a. he had made a house with a line is how he describes a's. he is getting so big i can't believe he is learning how to write his name.

ARG ME MATEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brad, cash, and i attended cousin leighs mom and step dads pirate party. this was my first night out on the town after having baby cash. brad and i made our shirts together. it was so cute brad made stencils of the skulls and bought fabric paint and we painted our shirts. it was so fun to watch brad be so creative. he is the best!

nothin like chocolate ice cream

this was our first trip to lodi with baby cash. we always love to visit cousin wendy with our new babies. she loves to spoil our kids.

SwEet oCtOBeR

brad brought me home a beautiful bouquet of flowers just because. i also recieved a candle (one of my favorite things)in the mail from my dear friend stephanie. i couldnt help but be thankful for my many blessings when i looked at my precious baby boy. what a wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The kids love doing backyard smores.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First trip of the year to Apple Hill

Evelyn always loves to spoil the kids with treats when we go to apple hill. This time the kids loved these little honey sticks.

T Ball

Wyatt started T ball last Saturday. He loves it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

first time for everything

today cash did a lot of things for the first time. the first time he felt the sun hit his skin, he heard the sound of music, he road in a car, he got a look at his new home and even the first time he had a little BM.

he kinda looks like a frog just before he starts crying.

this was the kids first look at cash

Saturday, September 13, 2008

the cash was delivered @ 4:54pm

7lb 14oz! our family is complete. we had a couple scares through the delivery but everything turned out great. karrissa is recovering right now and the baby is sleeping after his first successful breastfeeding. i can’t even begin to express how relieved and thankful we feel to finally have our last child delivered safely and in our arms.

induction day

today is the big day. brad and i arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am for the big induction. everything seems surreal. i cant believe
we will meet cash today. i cant believe i am going to have another child. as per my mom's request we are going to try and blog throughout the day. i know it is not the same as her being here but i hope she will still feel a part of. i definantly miss her presence. brad is a pretty silent coach reading his book in the corner.

hasta la vista party of five

so yesterday was our last day as a family of five. brad and i took wyatt and monroe out on our aliminum boat. we had fun watching brad swing from the rope swing. it was so special to spend time with the big kids before things get to crazy around our house.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i am so in love with brad b bailey xxoo!!!!!!


so i am hanging on by a thread to my twenties. i am rather proud that i am about to accompish one of my main goals and that was to complete my family before i reached thirty. i started the day with the cutest handmade cards from wyatt and monroe. i spent a wonderful afte rnoonwith my dear friend elizabeth pedicures and a quiet lunch. my day continued to get better with a romantic sushi dinner with my husband. i ended the night with what i had been anticipating all day my chocolate truffle cake from ettores bakery. my sweet husband "surprises" me with one every year. he always pretends like he forgot to get it and this year he strung me along for an hour letting me think i had no cake. luckily i have the best husband in the world and he never fails to take care of me. so needless to say my birthday was FABULOUS!

i have been ditching any and all cameras this entire pregnancy but since this is the last i decided to suck it up and post some nasty prego shots.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

how cute is my girl?

i am so happy that i have my one girl in a house that is quickly filling with males. monroe loves being with me and nothing makes me happier. i love hearing her whisper in my ear, "you are my best friend or i love you so much." she is always so giddy to announce we are doing something with, "just us girls". today we gave eachother pedicures she loves when i paint her nails and she always sits oh so still. i love bathtime when i wash her hair and she lays back in the water and sings, "ah ah ah" like ariel from the little mermaid. yesterday she came and curled up as close as she could to me sucking her thumb and rubbing her button and we both dozed off for an afternoon nap. i charish these sweet days.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

swimming in the swimming pool

brad has been swimming with the kids alot lately. wyatt is very comfortable swimming by himself. he loves the pool. nana and papa bought the kids some pool gear. wyatt seems to think his mask and snorkle make him float. he also got a cars kickboard because it matches his super cool cars swimsuit nana bought him last summer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


the kids had a fun filled fourth. we were on the go all day. we started our morning with the ward bike parade. wyatt and monroe made about thirty laps around the parking lot. monroe finally stopped by my side and said, "mom can i stop for a minute my legs are so tired." we then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming at the thomson's with all the cousins. all the kids play so well together. after the swimming we met papa mark for dinner at wyatt's favorite, red robin. we ended the night at the sirmons house for some awesome fireworks. the kids loved the sparklers. brad and chris were like little boys setting off their illegal fireworks. it kept the night interesting.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

kiDs SAy tHE DArnDeSt thINgs

It seems like everyday the kids say the cutest things and i always think i need to write this down. Here are a few of the most recent sayings. Monroe asked the other day, "Mom can me be a mermaid?" I told her,"Monroe you can be anything you want." She said, "Okay mom."

Her new favorite thing to ask is , "Mom when I be a mom can I ......." followed by whatever i am doing cooking, folding clothes, carrying Maverick or putting on make up.
Yesterday Brad was laying with Wyatt and he said, "Wyatt i dont want you to get bigger" and Wyatt said,"why dad?" and brad said, "because you will get married and move away from me and i want you to stay little forever." Wyatt replied, "I will always come back to you dad."
Several months ago Wyatt was playing with a purse of Monroe's that has tinkerbell on it. He looked at the purse and then at me he said, "Mom never in my life did i know tink had boobies. thats really wierd right Mom?"
A few weeks ago we were out for a drive looking at some large homes and wyatt said,"mom how much does that house cost like 20 dollars mom?" I said yeah maybe 25" he said,"what mom that is so much money mom they wont have any money to go to like costco or raleys."
Brad and I our so happy to have these sweet spirits in our home they bring us such joy. I cant wait until Maverick is talking.

swimming time

Wyatt has become quite the little fish. Brad keeps giving me a hard time about the kids not knowing how to swim. He says, "were'nt you a swim teacher?" So it has taken a few dips in the pool for him to get the hang of things and now he seems to be doing a great job. The other day he swam with uncle glen, auntie kelsey, and papa mark for hours. He got a rash on his armpits from his lifejacket.