Tuesday, June 24, 2008

kiDs SAy tHE DArnDeSt thINgs

It seems like everyday the kids say the cutest things and i always think i need to write this down. Here are a few of the most recent sayings. Monroe asked the other day, "Mom can me be a mermaid?" I told her,"Monroe you can be anything you want." She said, "Okay mom."

Her new favorite thing to ask is , "Mom when I be a mom can I ......." followed by whatever i am doing cooking, folding clothes, carrying Maverick or putting on make up.
Yesterday Brad was laying with Wyatt and he said, "Wyatt i dont want you to get bigger" and Wyatt said,"why dad?" and brad said, "because you will get married and move away from me and i want you to stay little forever." Wyatt replied, "I will always come back to you dad."
Several months ago Wyatt was playing with a purse of Monroe's that has tinkerbell on it. He looked at the purse and then at me he said, "Mom never in my life did i know tink had boobies. thats really wierd right Mom?"
A few weeks ago we were out for a drive looking at some large homes and wyatt said,"mom how much does that house cost like 20 dollars mom?" I said yeah maybe 25" he said,"what mom that is so much money mom they wont have any money to go to like costco or raleys."
Brad and I our so happy to have these sweet spirits in our home they bring us such joy. I cant wait until Maverick is talking.

swimming time

Wyatt has become quite the little fish. Brad keeps giving me a hard time about the kids not knowing how to swim. He says, "were'nt you a swim teacher?" So it has taken a few dips in the pool for him to get the hang of things and now he seems to be doing a great job. The other day he swam with uncle glen, auntie kelsey, and papa mark for hours. He got a rash on his armpits from his lifejacket.

Summer Fun

I know its been a while and i have been getting slack from all the pro bloggers

out there. So far our summer has been fun filled. We started with our memorial trip to clear lake with our super fun friends the Mendiola's. The kids had a blast catching blue belly lizzards although they seemed to think they were called blueberry lizzards. The kids loved taking turns riding the quads with brad. Wyatt loved the smores at the campfire. We stumbled upon a craft faire during one of our trips to town and Monroe got to try on this handmade hat from a woman who knits with wool from her own sheep. Maverick had so much fun crawling through the dirt at the campground the entire trip. He stood for the first time all by himself.