Tuesday, April 29, 2008

it'S a ...................

Yesterday was the big ultrasound day. Our appointment wasn't until 2:30pm so we spent the day killing time. We met papa Mark for lunch at chipotle and then took a long drive down salmon falls rd. Wyatt apparently thought the baby was going to be born because he asked, "how is the doctor going to get your stomach back together?" When we asked the kids what the baby was they were both adiment that it's a girl. Wyatt would say, "i know for sure that baby in your tummy is a girl baby and her name is Zella Claire." We have been having the hardest time deciding between the name Paisley Piper or Zella Claire if it was a girl. However the name Cash has held strong for a boy. I guess that should have been a clue of what was to come. Anyway to make a long story short on September 20, 2008 we will be expecting
CASH OLIVER BAILEY to make his grand entrance into this world.

Monday, April 28, 2008

hAPpy BIrTHdaY MOnrOe aNd mAVeRiCk

auntie kaisa helped the kids play pin the tail on the monkey

dont wyatt and london look so amazing in their face paint by auntie natalie

saturday was monroe's third birthday and sunday was maverick's first birthday. we celebrated with a carnival party. papa mark helped get ready for the party by building these super cute carnival booths. we had a round robin of games a bean bag toss, cotton candy knock down, pin the tail on the monkey, brad's magic show, and aunt natalie's face painting. the kids had a ball. we had a variety of fun foods gumballs, popcorn, and cotton candy the kids had free range of whatever they wanted. i think maddox ate literally twenty giant gumballs. wyatt and monroe never even got around to eating dinner. it was a fun day.

maverick was the cutest thing eating his cake. he was so hesitant to just dig in.