Sunday, July 13, 2008

swimming in the swimming pool

brad has been swimming with the kids alot lately. wyatt is very comfortable swimming by himself. he loves the pool. nana and papa bought the kids some pool gear. wyatt seems to think his mask and snorkle make him float. he also got a cars kickboard because it matches his super cool cars swimsuit nana bought him last summer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


the kids had a fun filled fourth. we were on the go all day. we started our morning with the ward bike parade. wyatt and monroe made about thirty laps around the parking lot. monroe finally stopped by my side and said, "mom can i stop for a minute my legs are so tired." we then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming at the thomson's with all the cousins. all the kids play so well together. after the swimming we met papa mark for dinner at wyatt's favorite, red robin. we ended the night at the sirmons house for some awesome fireworks. the kids loved the sparklers. brad and chris were like little boys setting off their illegal fireworks. it kept the night interesting.