Friday, November 21, 2008


wyatt and monroe started preschool this week. they are loving it. it is so fun to pick them up from school and hear their little stories of how their day was. they have made some new friends however they can not remember their names. wyatt has decided to call his schoolmates dude. it is bitter sweet sending your kids off for part of the day without you. i feel like i am missing a

little chunk of their lives.

Pumpkin Patch

i think this year we have started a new tradition. the mendiola's introduced us to bishops pumpkin patch. we all had a blast. the kids loved the hay ride to the patch. they also had fun mining for marbles and jumping on the hay covered tramp. we will definantly be back next year.

more peas please

wyatt was eating dinner one night and said look i made an a. he had made a house with a line is how he describes a's. he is getting so big i can't believe he is learning how to write his name.

ARG ME MATEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brad, cash, and i attended cousin leighs mom and step dads pirate party. this was my first night out on the town after having baby cash. brad and i made our shirts together. it was so cute brad made stencils of the skulls and bought fabric paint and we painted our shirts. it was so fun to watch brad be so creative. he is the best!

nothin like chocolate ice cream

this was our first trip to lodi with baby cash. we always love to visit cousin wendy with our new babies. she loves to spoil our kids.

SwEet oCtOBeR

brad brought me home a beautiful bouquet of flowers just because. i also recieved a candle (one of my favorite things)in the mail from my dear friend stephanie. i couldnt help but be thankful for my many blessings when i looked at my precious baby boy. what a wonderful day.