Thursday, February 12, 2009


so brad and i love our drives and the kids are no exception i cant tell you how many hours they have logged in the car. thank goodness for dvd players. whenever we find ourselves with free time we love to head to the bay. last friday we took the kids to the exploritorium. they loved it. maverick was running wild. wyatt was having a blast looking at all the exhibits with brad. i was craking up at brad (the germaphob) drinking out of a toilet.


this was my first field trip with 4 kids and me. lets just say next time i am bringing a helper. we started with regular ice skates for wyatt and monroe that lasted 2 seconds. i couldnt skate with them because i had the little boys. so luckily they had trainer skates and walkers to push around the ice. it was quite the sight to see my kids pushing walkers. maverick was wanting in on the action so this nice man let him try on some skates.

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.

monroes first day of primary. i am so excited for her she was begining to look kind of funny in the nursery. she will have the same teacher as wyatt, sister serafin.

total 80's new years eve party

welcome 2009 it was such a blast to have something to do on new years. it seems that since the kids have come new years have been fair uneventful. with the exception of a super sweet kiss at midnight! this year we rang in 2009 with the mendiolas and went to on 80's prom party. GOOD TIMES! doesnt brad look smokin hot?

can you get a good picture of 4 kids?

merry christmas. so i am way behind on my blogging so much for resolutions. this was our attempt at a photoshoot for christmas cards. monroe loves having her picture taken and she looks exceptionally well thanks to the home hair cut of her bangs.