Monday, February 1, 2010

so the other night we were at mark and charlotte's quite late. aunt natalie carried maverick out to the car in the dark when she started to buckle him in the car light turned on and this is what she saw. a complete disaster. while we thought maverick was snoozing away he was actually getting is make up on for his midnight performance. his hands and face were decked to the hilt with waterproof mascara and long long wear lip stick. needless to say despite brads scrubbing efforts maverick went to church last sunday slightly resembling a drag queen.

miller is so darling his cousins were beyond overjoyed to finally meet him. miller looks so much like glen right down to his chin dimple. monroe was obsessed with holding him it went on and on we kept asking if she was finished and she just kept saying "no!"

i am so thankful for my little girl. steph and i both have three boys and we were both blessed with one girl. they are the girliest girls you will ever meet. stephanie and i were out shopping and when we got home the girls had set up a "byoode shop" they each did our make up it was so cute. we also bought the girls press on nails they looked so fancy monroe wanted to keep hers on forever.

new years day we took the kids sledding in truckee with the mendiola's we had such a great day. the kids played hard i have to say all those boys and the girls seemed to be the most fearless ones on the hill.

brad and i spent the new year with the mendiola's we went to a masquarade party. brad and i had such a blast making our masks together. brad is quite a crafty guy his mask turned out amazing despite my efforts to overtake his project. beavzie twins were in full effect that night matching dresses and jackets!

the kid love to go sledding our first trip of the season we stopped by grandma byrd's to hang her christmas lights by the time we got to the snow it was pitch black and the kids were sledding by the illumination of our headlights.

maverick is really coming into his

own personality. this is a common face for him. looking at this picture reminded me of a funny story about maverick. it was thanksgiving at shirley's and the festivities were coming to a close. however the kitchen was still overflowing with goodies. all of us girls were conversating in the living when maverick comes bee bopping out of the kitchen mowing down on a giant cookie. he looks at me and smiles the sweetest smile, " hi mommy" i say maaaverick is that a cookie and he instantly makes this face while slowly stepping backward toward the kitchen. he then spun around and ran off. kelsey and i looked at one another and started busting up.

i would like to thank all my family and friends out there for awarding me with the worlds worst blogger award. i guess i will give a vague recap of 2009. january monroe became a sunbeam she was exstatic.february is our slow month with the business so brad and i love to take advantage. we love taking the kids on trips. we always manage a few journeys throughout the year to san francisco. february wyatt turned five years old quite the milestone. april is monroe and mavericks birthdays 4 and 2. i always love an excuse to throw a party. May was an exciting month nana and papa returned from their mission to the ukraine. we were all so excited to meet them at the airport especially cash since he had never been face to face with either one of them. memorial weekend is our annual santa cruz trip. we anticipate all year this year was extra special because nana and papa rented a beach house. we had so much fun going to the beach, mariannes for ice cream, the boardwalk, and the aquarium. june is always a favorite because it was the end of preschool and the beginning of summer. july is the fourth of july pancake breakfast the kids love to ride their bikes in the parade while we all watch. this fourth we went with the nelsons and the older kids to lake natoma. we took the aluminum boat for a cruise and we all took turns on the rope swing. we always try to pack the summer with campimg it is one of our favorite things. aug was my 30th birthday. brad took me on a week long trip to vegas. sooo amazing it was wonderful to spend time just the two of us. late august was a milestone for wyatt his first day of kindergarden. wyatt was so thrilled to be going to the same school as his cousin lakai. september is the start of fall and is it always the time for a trip to apple hill to visit with aunt evelyn and grandma byrd. october we continued with the tradition of bishops pumpkin patch the kids are obsessed with picking their own pumpkins. before we knew it the holidays were upon us thanksgiving, christmas and new years. so thats the rundown lets keep our fingers crossed and hope i can pull off this blog thing in 2010!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


so brad and i love our drives and the kids are no exception i cant tell you how many hours they have logged in the car. thank goodness for dvd players. whenever we find ourselves with free time we love to head to the bay. last friday we took the kids to the exploritorium. they loved it. maverick was running wild. wyatt was having a blast looking at all the exhibits with brad. i was craking up at brad (the germaphob) drinking out of a toilet.


this was my first field trip with 4 kids and me. lets just say next time i am bringing a helper. we started with regular ice skates for wyatt and monroe that lasted 2 seconds. i couldnt skate with them because i had the little boys. so luckily they had trainer skates and walkers to push around the ice. it was quite the sight to see my kids pushing walkers. maverick was wanting in on the action so this nice man let him try on some skates.

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.

monroes first day of primary. i am so excited for her she was begining to look kind of funny in the nursery. she will have the same teacher as wyatt, sister serafin.

total 80's new years eve party

welcome 2009 it was such a blast to have something to do on new years. it seems that since the kids have come new years have been fair uneventful. with the exception of a super sweet kiss at midnight! this year we rang in 2009 with the mendiolas and went to on 80's prom party. GOOD TIMES! doesnt brad look smokin hot?

can you get a good picture of 4 kids?

merry christmas. so i am way behind on my blogging so much for resolutions. this was our attempt at a photoshoot for christmas cards. monroe loves having her picture taken and she looks exceptionally well thanks to the home hair cut of her bangs.

Friday, November 21, 2008


wyatt and monroe started preschool this week. they are loving it. it is so fun to pick them up from school and hear their little stories of how their day was. they have made some new friends however they can not remember their names. wyatt has decided to call his schoolmates dude. it is bitter sweet sending your kids off for part of the day without you. i feel like i am missing a

little chunk of their lives.

Pumpkin Patch

i think this year we have started a new tradition. the mendiola's introduced us to bishops pumpkin patch. we all had a blast. the kids loved the hay ride to the patch. they also had fun mining for marbles and jumping on the hay covered tramp. we will definantly be back next year.